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Some simple conditions/housekeeping:

As the planter boxes are handmade and we are constantly sourcing our recycled wood, your order could take up to 1 week for delivery. 

If you are cool with that, then please continue ...

This planter box was created specifically for a person with a sore lower back. However, it has become our most popular seller, as it is a very comfortable height to tend to your plants. It is 1 metre in length X 500mm wide X 800mm high. It is sealed with linseed oil and and also lined.

On the left was our first planter box design. The legs were quite short (ideal for children). The planter box is 1 metre in length by 500mm in width and +/- 300mm deep.

Another custom order for three joined planter boxes. The dimensions are 1 metre from the front planter box to the back one by 1 metre wide to almost 1 metre high.

This planter box order was for a landscaper, as we have a few landscapers who make use of our services for their clients.

Triple planter box
Another custom order planter box, which is quite handy with the shelf underneath the actual box
These planter boxes came out really beautifully for a corporate client, who wanted to be able to move them around - hence the wheels you can see.