Microbusiness opportunity in Bergvliet

As we receive traffic from various parts of South Africa, it makes sense for us to open up the opportunity for others to also be involved in our business in Bergvliet.

As part of our sustainability and green initiative, we would like to keep the supply of pallets, crafting of boxes and sales all in close proximity to one another.

We see this "business in a box" opportunity as having three potentials :

  1. Craft and simply sell the planter box
  2. Upsell the box to also include layering with a fantastic formula (our fantastic formula for abundance and companion planting (we teach you how via video if you don't know)
  3. Annuity income by maintaining the plants/boxes for clients on an ongoing basis

What we supply is the following:

  • contact for pallet supply (free a lot of the time, as part of our sustainability / recycling initiative) - Alternatively a small fee is charged per pallet
  • costing structure for each box
    • how many pallets are needed to make one box
    • which are the best screws and cost
    • how long it should take to make one box
  • your own webpage on this website with billing of course, to make payment a breeze
    • this webpage will be optimised for your specific area/suburb, to create leads
    • should you wish to upscale the marketing online, we can assist with this at a nominal cost via Google ads
  • list of tools needed to desemble and manufacture the boxes
  • Videos explaining 
    • learning the art of pallet desembling without hurting too many pieces of wood
    • how to craft the planter boxes - cause its taken some time to get it to be where it is now for maximum use and functionality
    • how to plant the boxes (companion planted in order to avoid using fertilisers and pesticides)
  • business support questions, should you have any questions